Italian Association of Labor and Social Security Law

The Association aims to promote the learning of Labor and Social Security Law from a multilevel perspective, to boost the exchange of ideas and information and to facilitate a fruitful cooperation between Scholars and experts in studying and applying these disciplines.


The journal Labor publishes biannual issues dedicated to Labor and Social Security Law. It was founded in 2023 under a collaboration agreement between the University of Santiago de Compostela and the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law (ISLSSL), of which it is the official publication.

Il XXIV Congresso mondiale ISLSSL

Work in a Changing World: The Quest for Labor Rights and Social Justice – si svolgerà a Roma dal 17 al 20 settembre 2024

CALL FOR PAPERS: scadenza 15.4.2024


at Prof. Rosario Santucci
Via G. D’Auria 4 
80129 Napoli


Prof. Domenico Garofalo


Prof. Rosario Santucci

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